Dutch Connections FC (DCFC) is very proud to have partnered with Feyenoord Rotterdam in the Spring of 2014. DCFC is responsible for organizing Feyenoord Camps Canada (Ontario in July 2014 and 2015 and moving forward into 2016). In the Netherlands, Feyenoord is known as the club of the people. The club’s motto ‘Geen Woorden Maar Daden’ (‘Not words but deeds’) reflects the mentality of the city of Rotterdam but also the Feyenoord Academy. Feyenoord’s youth development program, the Feyenoord Academy, is one of the finest football academies in the world having produced more players than any other club for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Another fascinating fact is that Feyenoord Academy have won the ‘Rinus Michels’ award an incredible 5 years in a row! This award is given to the best youth Academy in Holland on a yearly basis.


Feyenoord aim to provide young football players in Canada (and around the globe) with a window of opportunity: the chance to show off their talent, to learn more about the beautiful game of football and to interact with both their peers and the qualified Feyenoord coaches. For DCFC, Feyenoord is an ideal club to partner with. DCFC has the opportunity to learn, share in the knowledge and expertise, philosophy and methodology of the Feyenoord Academy which directly helps the progress of DCFC Soccer Schools and future endeavours.  Both Feyenoord and DCFC believe in delivering a fun and quality learning experience for participants in any of our programs and where possible, in providing potentially life changing experiences and opportunities.

Feyenoord Camps Canada 2015. courtesy of Jonathan De Guzman - Video by Chris Strikes